Smart Project Strategies

Our purpose is to create lasting value by designing and delivering smart business and economic project strategies.


Working with the full spectrum of local government, membership organisations, enterprises and business, our aim is to improve, remodel and transform.


Proud of our professionalism and standards we bring insights from across the globe.


We listen hard. We think holistically. We are flexible, open and transparent. At times we challenge. We are committed to provide the right project strategy and approach, grounded in the real world and makes economic and commercial sense.


When developing a strategy all key players need to be involved. It’s critical that aspirations, dreams and goals are out in the open, shared and discussed. BDW can facilitate this process. Taking a pragmatic approach, the aspirations and goals will be validated against the economic and or commercial opportunities – What is the degree of opportunity; how could the opportunity to realised; what resource is needed to capitalise on the opportunity. Once these steps have been completed, BDW will facilitate the development of the most logical strategy to meet the goals. In addition develop work packages required for successful delivery of strategy.