Privacy Policy

Good information handling is good business practise. BDW Consulting comply with the GDPR’s accountability principle through effective policies and procedures.

– Consent is requested before we collect any personal data

– When we request data, we are explicit as to its purpose and relevance.

– Any personal data will not be used for any other purpose other than its original

– We do not maintain personal data for longer than it is required, unless it must be held to cover a legal obligation

– Any data we do maintain will be regularly checked for accuracy

– Any data that we do hold will be processed in a manner that is secure

– Data is filed securely electronically and is regularly backed-up

– BDW Consulting use platforms such as ‘Dropbox’. The data on these platforms are stored outside the UK. We will ask your consent before using

– If your personal data needs to be shared with third parties, we will notify you as to who else needs to see the data and why. We will only do so following your consent

– We will only share data with third parties following your consent

– You have the right to access; the right to correct; the right to stop receiving data and the right to request that all personal data held is to be deleted

– Any personal data held by BDW Consulting is the responsibility of Director Fiona Trappe

– We BDW Consulting will only contact you personally following your prior agreement

– You can unsubscribe or request that contact cease at any point

– Our website uses small files called ‘cookies’. We use cookies to analyse the performance of the website. These files customise your experience. Please see Cookie Policy. You are free to switch cookies off in your browser. You can use the ‘help’ option in your browser for details.


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