Want to Improve Sales?…..Be authentic!

Hands up if you enjoy being ‘sold to’?!


We have all experienced a sales interaction. At times, we feel comfortable, other times it can be a teeth clenching irritation!


So, what makes a good sales interaction?
In a nutshell, a good sales person doesn’t ‘sell to you’………! It’s all about building a rapport, observing body language and listening. It’s about being authentic.


Your sales person is a big investment. They represent you and your business, so it’s important they are as effective as they can be.


With years of experience in coaching high performance sales people on how not to sell!……..BDW can do the same for your business.


WARNING: Being authentic and not selling, will boost your sales performance!

Face to Face with Your Customers


Understanding some basic human behaviours, coupled with some straight forward customer engagement techniques, your sales person could move from good to great.


Conducted on a one to one basis. Beneficial for established or new sales people, this straightforward approach works. Often just slight modifications in the sales persons’ style, can lead to impressive sales results!

Maintain Sales Growth


Every product goes through a specific life-cycle and often businesses are unprepared for this.


Businesses plough money into marketing , hoping sales will improve, when perhaps the products life is coming to an end. The product might be outdated; there are changes in the market affecting sales; or you are just not targeting your potential market.


BDW conduct ‘Product Reviews’. Think of it as an ‘MOT’ for your products and services! We will highlight areas that may need some extra attention; recommend business opportunities that you may not have considered and products you may want to add to your portfolio.

Marketing Methods


All too often, we see businesses investing in ineffective marketing.


BDW will recommend how to improve your marketing activity and in some cases even reduce marketing spend!