Commercialisation & The Value Chain

While everything starts as ‘an idea’, all too often that’s where it stays and seemingly great ideas for new products or services fail to come to commercial fruition. Bringing a product or service from conception through to production, delivery and disposal after use requires commitment, resource and resilience!


Proof of concept; proof of opportunity, stakeholder mapping; financial evaluation; market evaluation; market entry strategy and financial management are all vital steps in commercialisation and once a product or service is within the commercial domain, to remain viable, innovation and the need to adapt to change is never final!


Depending on what stage you are at, we will step in alongside you to support the process, introducing you – where relevant – to our extensive network of colleagues in business, academia, regional funders and other professional associates. When market ready, through our regional, national and international contacts, we then can introduce you to potential buyers, partners and customers.


To remain competitive, business needs to understand and adapt the stages involved in commercial activities (the value chain). Several factors are important in developing and improving a value chain- efficiencies; product quality; product differentiation; social and environmental practises; and business environment. All products and services are part of a value chain. It can be a single entity, a cluster, within a region or across a wider area so affects all businesses.