Business Strategy….. revitalise your business

A strategy is the backbone of a business. It’s what gives a business it’s strength, stability and agility.


A business can survive without one, however it thrives with one!


Research shows that most small businesses do not follow a strategy. Decisions become reactive; ideas do not materialise; motivation subsides; money gets wasted, staff become demoralised, customers are affected.


All of this can be avoided.


For a small investment, a strategy is the difference that will make the difference.

What is a strategy?

Your strategy will be based on your aspirations; what you want to achieve in business; how you want your business to run; how you want your business to be perceived; and how you will make all this happen

Developing your Strategy

When developing a strategy, it’s important to follow a process to make sure all aspects are included


  • Start with the end in mind: Your aspirations, dreams, goals need to be clearly defined. This is probably THE most important part
  • These aspirations then need to be validated based on market opportunities
  • The resource available to determine rate of business growth or business change
  • And how you will maintain and increase revenue over the years (lifecycle of your business)


At the end of the process, you will know exactly what you need to do, and where to focus your efforts.

Remember….. you cannot use the same strategy forever!

Your business and your products will move through 6 specific stages. Every business and every product goes through these stages. The only thing that differs, is the length of time spent in each phase. Each will bring different challenges and priorities. To manage each stage effectively requires a new strategy.

All businesses, products and services need a different strategy at each stage.



  1. Introducing new products
  2. Generating sales
  3. Market changes/Product out of date
  4. Product sales start declining
  5. Develop/introduce new products
  6. Product removed from sale


  1. Starting up in business
  2. Growing a business
  3. An established mature business
  4. A business in decline
  5. When a business needs to reinvent itself
  6. When you want to retire, or sell the business

To be really effective in business and to realise your business potential, we can determine your lifecycle and work with you to develop your own unique strategy…. costs »