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Fiona Trappe: coming from a family business background has really helped Fiona gain a deep understanding of all the related stresses and strains – and the many joys! – of starting and running your own business. Returning to her native North Wales after living in Sweden opened her eyes afresh to the possibilities that stating and growing a business in Wales had to offer. However, at that juncture in her life, after studying business and psychology, she chose to embark on what proved to be a highly successful and accomplished career within the pharmaceutical industry. She held senior sales management and marketing roles, responsible for multi-million pound products and large sales teams.

Although I was very successful financially and recognised for my innovative business approach achieving outstanding results, I just felt a strong pull back to North Wales to contribute to the new economic climate of a resurgent Wales. Wasn’t easy…but that’s what I did!

Leaving the corporate world, throwing herself full-heartedly into a less secure – and highly challenging – business and professional environment was not an easy transition and has had its ups ‘n downs. Nevertheless, she founded BDW Consulting in 2001 on returning to North Wales and continues to play a significant role in the region’s development. Since then, Fiona has rejuvenated many businesses and has delivered consultancy services and innovative solutions on behalf of public sector and private clients across the region, including Management Development; Marketing and Business Growth Plans.


Fiona held directorship roles in The National Beekeeping Centre and Gwledd Conwy Feast, introducing commercial practises for financial viability and sustainability. This reflects her boundless passion for the region’s rapidly burgeoning food and drink sector.

These are exciting times for food and drink producers in many parts of Wales…with no shortage of truly excellent things happening! And in tourism too, we can say the same. We just need to get that message out there more effectively.

Fiona and her dedicated team add-value to your enterprise, organisation and institution, working with you in taking your agenda forward.

Charles Blair: holds British and Australian nationalities. He launched the Tasmanian Centre for the Development of Entrepreneurs, a pioneering State and Federal Governments aimed at stimulating and supporting innovation and business growth before becoming Director of Arts & Crafts Council of Tasmania, something for which has long been a passion.

Despite Tasmania’s relative isolation and small domestic market, there’s an extremely lively and creative art/craft scene in Tasmania…which translates into many a leading-edge and globally competitive, design-led small/medium-sized enterprise

He was enticed back to the UK to play a leading role in Manchester Business School’s Business Development Centre, a specialist unit, focused on the design and delivery of programmes for high-growth potential SME (all sectors).

Over the past 25 years, Charles has worked in over 40 countries predominately working as Senior Advisor/Consultant on tourism-related international development projects in many parts of Africa, SE Asia (Vietnam especially), Indian and Pacific Oceans, Middle East, eastern Europe/CIS, mainly for the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), EU, Luxembourg Government and private clients. Charles continues to collaborate closely with the Dublin-based tourism specialists, TDI (Tourism Development International), especially on high-profile culture/heritage and tourism projects in Ireland. There are many parallels – in terms of the geography and economy – between Tasmania and Wales.

I’m always happy to share experiences and opportunities…we’re all learning from each other.

Charles has been a valued associate of long-standing with BDW and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience for developing and promoting regional and international tourism and enterprise development.

It’s really gratifying when you see work you’ve been doing really marking a positive difference on peoples’ lives.

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